A place to store current thoughts on research, teaching, entrepreneurship, and some personal musings. The content here that is connected to my academic work is 'rough' and online for the purposes of experimentation. I welcome feedback, criticism, advice and conversations about these musings, preferably over a beer but I'll settle for an email or direct message :).

"New Research: Failed but Validated? "

Entrepreneurs, are you thinking about crowdfunding your product or service? Is crowdfunding all about the money? What happens if you don't hit your goal?

In a new Journal of Business Venturing article, researchers Regan Stevenson, Tang Wang and Jared Allen study what happens after a crowdfunding campaign fails. What factors from the campaign predict which #entrepreneurs will rebound after failure and who goes on to have commercial success? Find out more about this research and read a summary at .... read more

"Doing things that don't scale"

In our #MBA class this week (#N563), we discussed the topic of #Entrepreneurship #Experimentation. Before class, I assigned a pre-reading from Brian Chesky where he identified the importance of running hands-on entrepreneurial experiments. The goal is to gather primary knowledge about user pain-points within the #ProblemSpace you are looking to address (this is not something you can google). Through this reading it became evident that.... read more

"Football players are just a bunch of dumb jocks"

“Football players are just a bunch of dumb jocks.” This is such a misinformed stereotype. I personally heard this for many years, but I always thought it was kind of funny because the people that think this way really have no idea what this game is truly about. If they only knew... read more

"How to run experiments for macro researchers"

Strategy, Entrepreneurship or Macro researcher? Thinking about supplementing your current research approach with lab or field experiments? Not sure where to start? Check out our new article on Experiments in Strategy Research w/coauthors Bolinger, Josefy & Hitt. .. read more

"Our MBA mission to CES 2022"

Our mission to #CES2022 was a major success! A few years ago I proposed a new course for our MBA program. The idea behind the course was to provide professional students an opportunity to learn more about the world of disruptive innovation and entrepreneurship. The argument for the importance of this course emphasized that "while not all MBA students will become entrepreneurs, all MBAs will deal with major technological change and... read more

"Grants for small business: the untold story"

As the economy looks to recover from a once in a century pandemic, small business grant funding has become a hot topic of interest for politicians, the media, and society at large. Even before the pandemic, more than $30 billion in public funding was allocated each year to small organizations for commercialization and applied research. This number has ballooned over the last year as grants quickly became considered essential... read more