The "Spine Sweat" Experience

"The spine sweat experience is the most realistic and engaging entrepreneurship course offered at Kelley. It requires you to look beyond a syllabus and determine what is actually critical to bring to a real panel of investors. I recommend this course to all serious aspiring entrepreneurs."

--Michael Wayne, Spine Sweat Graduate

Selected Past Student Profiles

Hunter Hawley
During Spine Sweat, Hunter launched Blueprint Stats, a leader in basketball statistics. He recently completed a third funding round with a $5M SAFE.

Derek Paque
After Spine Sweat, Coatchex went on to raise over 1 million dollars in funding and appear on Shark Tank. The company now has over 200 employees.

Brian Tao
Brian successfully launched his company LiquiVinyl Aerodynamics - a innovator and custom installer of aerodynamic products in Spine Sweat.

Branden Moore
Branden launched his company NagevSkin which he has continued to develop in recent years. He also works in finance in Abbott's diagnostic division.

Mikayla Geier
Mikayla launched her personal brand, where she now has accumulated over 340,000 followers on Instagram while producing her own music full time.

Michael Wayne
Michael is a founder of Detroit Riverside Capital - a real estate investment firm founded to progress the availability of walk-able downtown housing options.

Liza Prah
Liza launched her business "Revive in 5" during Spine Sweat. She currently works with Pallazzo Investment Bankers in New York.

Salo Levy
Salo launched ChopnDrop in Spine Sweat, a music newsletter with more than 1000 subscribers that sends a playlist every week to a targeted demographics.

Josh Bromberg
Josh launched his company Munch in Spine Sweat and was invited to pitch at the prestigious Collision conference dubbed "The Olympics of Tech"

David Glass
David launched Momentli to help people learn from their experiences. Momentli currently is testing with users and is continuing to move toward product-market fit.

Christina Randall
Christina worked on a social venture during Spine Sweat. She is currently working with DealCloud, an Intapp Company based in the San Francisco Bay area.

George Karaparakis
George's App Football Loop received over 100,000 downloads in 12 countries during the semester. He also won an International Business Competition during Spine Sweat.

Saahil Anand

Daniel Guerra

Ayush Sarawgi

Tijmen van der Maas

Chase Rosett

AJ Raymond

Harrison Wesner

The “Spine Sweat” course is the trademark undergraduate student experience in the Kelley entrepreneurship program. The class functions as a semester long accelerator to prepare the students to launch their businesses and pitch for capital as the culmination experience. The course was nicknamed the “spine sweat experience” over a decade ago because it has a unique final challenge with a risk vs. reward aspect (students have the experience literally made their spine sweat). However, students also remark how realistic the process of preparing to pitch and what a valuable experience it is to meet and pitch the distinguished panel (our panel members include some of the most successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Kelley history who fly to campus just for the pitch). Several students have launched businesses and raised capital as part of this course. Pre-requisites and progress toward the entrepreneurship major are required.

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