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Dr. Stevenson has received the Indiana University Trustee Teaching Award and the Kelley School of Business Innovative Teaching Award. He teaches “action based” entrepreneurship courses for undergraduates and MBAs. He currently teaches The “Spine Sweat Experience” (an intensive undergraduate capstone course previously selected as the #1 entrepreneurship course in America by Inc. Magazine), The CES Experience on Disruption & Innovation (an immersive experience to the CES conference in Las Vegas), The Idea Blitz course (a rapid prototyping and validation experience), and Kelley On Campus intensive case experience.


The "Idea Blitz" Experience

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The "Spine Sweat" Experience

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New Business
Ideas and Models

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Kelley On Campus Live Case Experience

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The CES Experience on Disruption & Innovation

The "Strategy Blitz"

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Teaching Awards:

IU Trustees Teaching Award

The Trustees Teaching Awards are given each spring to honor outstanding teaching during the prior calendar year. The award honors faculty who have had a positive impact on student learning.

Kelley Innovative Teaching Award

The Innovative Teaching Award span all of Kelley's programs and is designed to encourage professors to take the risks necessary to keep the Kelley program at the forefront of innovation.